Our mission is to cultivate Queer expression globally through the media arts.

We are dedicated to supporting and promoting LGBTQ+ filmmakers and their work.

A Global Perspective

To welcome people of all backgrounds, QFI recognizes that the Queer experience does not belong to any one language, culture, class, or education. Sharing Queer stories across countries, cultures, and communities deepens the experience of Queer people worldwide. The universality of the Queer experience helps us see past false divisions, better appreciating both other cultures and our own lives.QFI connects audiences with Queer media from around the world, amplifying new voices in the global conversation.

Always in Partnership

QFI cultivates partnerships with peer organizations to grow cultural exchange and support across all sexualities, races, genders, religions, cultures, abilities, ideologies, and class backgrounds. In dialog with partner organizations, we broaden the lens of Queerness to promote mutual trust, understanding, and appreciation – because Queer people cannot be separated from the communities we belong to.

Stewards of History

Queerness is an essential part of the human experience, and Queer history is human history.Queer people have identified ourselves differently over time, but our stories are too often erased and omitted from mainstream history. Seeing ourselves throughout history is an essential affirmation for Queer people.QFI supports the uncovering of our shared past, and the preservation of our collective present for future generations.

Technology as Access

The Internet is a crucial element in the creation and extension of Queer communities around the world.QFI maintains a fundamental optimism about the connected world, and the ways in which technology can extend traditional film programming to reach people with disabilities, in rural communities, under hostile political climates, or whose work or caregiving obligations prevent them from attending in-person events. By sharing access to technology, QFI works to sustain Queer communities, and create year-round connections between artists, festivals, and audiences.